Principles Matter, Conservatives!

The Democrats came to their current position of power by sticking to their basic premise; unite all of those who are miserable with their own lives, promise to take care of them, get their vote, then ditch ’em.  Misery as human nature would have it, on any scale, breeds contempt and anger and therefore allows for easy assembly of kindred spirit.  The masters of misery that lie within the party, albeit taking a few election cycles to perfect, along with the fragmentation and egos of the Republican party, came up with a new twist to an old theme.

Field soldiers, per the direction of ahem… community organizers (read ACORN and Obama) donned laptops and sported backpacks full to the brim with bags of cheese curls, Red Bull and Bob Marley-sized bags of “hope and change” set out on a quest to collectively gather the depressed lot who lurked in the shadows of the social networks of electronic media.  You see, this new (relatively speaking) network of groups; MySpace, Face Book, etc., etc. is the perfect breeding ground for those to voice their opinions (the aforementioned groups more in the “PG” and “R” ratings) without condemnation (well, maybe that’s changing…) and the fear of being “undressed” before their peers.  The Right’s counter punch?  Don’t want to swing too hard – somebody might get hurt!

But the pièce de résistance for our taxes-supported (I’ll fight this one another day!) band of merry men?   The Kool-Aid party thrown on behalf of all of those lost souls aimlessly wondering within the confines of the myriad of social media groups.   We speak of course of the Moderates.  Those “men without a country” who wish they had fundamental principles for support and direction, but just can’t get over why they get picked last for kickball.  “Pick me!  Pick me!” they shout.  They were feted by the ACORN advance scout team and, for a little ol’ vote for “hope and change,” inserted into the opening day roster of a new team with fancy uniforms and the like.  Smiles abound as they rejoiced in the fact that someone finally had paid attention to them!  Oh… (insert record skipping sound here) were they not told that by playing on this new team that there’s a catch?  You mean that when the game’s over, they have to stay and cleanup the field, donate money to the team’s rainy day fund and above all, actually give their spiffy new uniform back to the coach until the next game?  No one said they’d have to bring an extra set of clothes to change into.  Fist bumps to all my new teammates!!

The Left will take care of you and promise hope and change, all at a hidden cost.  I won’t go as far to say that it’s a principle, but it’s what they believe in, so I’ll bite.  The Right will show you how to become self-sufficient; all costs are up-front and no-haggle AND you don’t have embarrassingly disrobe after the game.  Tough lesson being learned right now by the Moderates who chose cool new unis and a roster spot.   Tough lesson too for the Right because they could not stick to their principles.  They became too soft and couldn’t get their “community” organized.

The lesson here for us on the Right:  Get a huge dose of guts and stick to our PRINCIPLES!   Your continued financial support for the development of our 527 and educational website is greatly appreciated.