A Conservative’s Call to Arms! UPDATED: 06/13/09

UPDATE:  To our past and future readers:  We have decided, in the best long-term interest and flexibility of our project, to establish a 501(c)4 Non-Profit organization that will take the place of the original 527 entity.

Wish to be a part of the resurgence of Conservatism in this country?!!  Then become an influential component of an electronic media concept that will revolutionize how Conservatives and concerned citizens all across the country gather political information.  My team of political and Internet technology professionals, along with your financial support, will provide the tools necessary to ensure the stability of our proud nation.  These tools will consist of a 501(c)4 non-profit organization and educational website that will facilitate our goal:  To significantly reduce the unchecked and blatant abuse of our Constitution and the rule of law, in 19 months (the elections of 2010).  Our website will provide each and every American who has Internet access, truthful information so that when the voter steps into the booth, an EDUCATED vote will be cast!

We as conservatives are incessantly demagogued and labeled as right-wing radicals, extremists, etc. because of our core conservative values and beliefs.  Thus we are, as a group, given little political relevance in the eyes of the mainstream media, the far left-wing liberals, democrats and more astonishingly, moderate republicans who have truly lost touch with their Republican constituency.  However, it is the Conservative base that has the aforementioned groups running scared!   Their power is based on ego and when confronted with the truth, they resort to the lies, the name-calling and the personal smear tactics.   OUR power is derived and based on principles which allow each and every one of us to grow and prosper without government intrusion and intervention.  It is Government who works for us – not the other way around!  You and I have the ability to reunite the Republican party and return this great country back to its rightful owners – WE THE PEOPLE.  NOW is the time to begin this process!

Join me and together we can swiftly establish the Conservative-values 527 organization and educational website.  We will put an end to the travesty that is happening to our great country by educating the American people via the Internet, one person at a time.  Your non-tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated!

•    The Educational Website

This unique website is designed to provide quick, truthful and comprehensive information. The immediate value is that the site will determine the zip-code origin of the individual logging on.  All elected officials, candidates, judicial races & potential nominees, advocacy groups, political causes, and ballot initiatives will appear.  A “score” based on core conservative values will be associated with each official, group, initiative, etc.  If the “score” and its associated item do not match, then a red flag is raised and the viewer can click on the related link for the causal information.

In addition, the website will be a powerful advertising tool for candidate campaigns, voter advocacy groups and ballot initiatives.  Due to the swift need for “identity” to a targeted constituency, candidates and groups desperately need a medium that is cost-effective and efficient.  The website can be used to target campaign dollars to the zip-code level.  And since every state in the Union has its own election schedule in addition to the federal elections, there is never “down time” for advertising revenue generation!

•    The Team

This project is comprised of internet technology, political advocacy, sales and marketing professionals all of whom possess one thing in common – true conservative values.  They are the backbone of this project and have already begun building the technology and marketing infrastructure for the 527 and the website.


33 Responses to “A Conservative’s Call to Arms! UPDATED: 06/13/09”

  1. Dan Francis Says:

    Andy, I would be happy to support you and become part of the effort. Thanks for including me in the email, and I look forward to more tools and knowledge to pass on so we can have an informed election in 2010. Great to hear from you. Dan Francis

    • andylimbaugh Says:

      Great to hear from you and thanks for you note and willingness to support this cause! Hoping all is well with you and that you’ve had a great Memorial Day weekend. Looking forward to seeing you soon my friend.

      My warmest regards,


  2. Lynda Morton Says:

    Thank you Andy for having the courage to speak on all of our behalf. You have my full support and I’ll gladly contribute to this cause. Lynda

    • andylimbaugh Says:


      I’m very humbled… Thank you so much for helping me and us get to this point. I am forever grateful for your support!

      My warmest wishes,


  3. Mike Avery Says:

    ConservitiVoice and your efforts make me proud to be where I am in this effort to return the Republican party & our government to its rightful owners.

    • andylimbaugh Says:

      Thank you Mike, I’m looking forward to working with you as well with your efforts at Power of 5 USA!!

      Many thanks again,


  4. Cindy Schaefer Says:

    Andy–Thank you for taking the time and having the courage to do what is long overdue. I will happily help in any way that I can. I will also forward this to many like-minded folks who would like to return our country to its righful place.

    • andylimbaugh Says:


      Thank you! And a special thank you to your son Jarred who’s currently serving our country in Baghdad. You gave me an idea for this blog site as I’ve set up a category for people to provide me with family, friends – anyone, who is currently serving in our armed forces. It will provide as much contact information as possible so that anyone who wishes to contact these brave individuals, they can easily do so. And as I was setting up the category, two National Guard Huey helicopters, in formation, flew over my house! Someone is speaking…


  5. Ray Lifka Says:


    Anything that I can do to help, you can call on me. We have to stop what the current party is doing to destroy what we Americans have always known and enjoyed as free capitalism in America.
    I look forward to talking with you again soon,

    • andylimbaugh Says:


      Thanks for your willingness to help and for you comments! Talk with you soon and hoping all is going great!


  6. Dennis Broadbooks Says:

    I like what I see, Andy…especially the educational aspect of the effort. I’d like to be considered part of the team!

  7. Gabe Lozano Says:

    Great stuff, Andy! I’m looking forward to it.

    • andylimbaugh Says:

      Gabe, sincerely appreciate it especially coming from you and you’re keenly aware of this type of marketing and its impact. All the best to your project as well – it’s looking great!!

  8. Stephen Limbaugh III Says:

    Conservatives will never retake their party, much less our government, until we organize. This page is a critical step towards that. I will do all I can to spread the word!

    • andylimbaugh Says:

      Stephen, very poignant and such a basic concept; grass roots is always the key and this concept will bring us back to the fundamentals that we have lost grasp of. Thanks for your help!!

  9. Mike Avery Says:

    After reading all the comments to date, your comments to me and especially Stephen Limbaugh III’s comments above, it’s becoming clearer to me and millions of others that we have to create an umbrella for us to work together with one powerful voice. Tea Parties, You Can Live It, American Solutions, Power of 5, the RNC, Heritage, ConservitiVoice, Common Cause, Club for Growth, et al, all working in concert for a common goal. Hey, I know, we call call it the Republican party. Maybe not. How about… well you guys come up with it.

  10. Jimmy D. Bowen Says:

    Count me in!

    • andylimbaugh Says:


      Thanks much for your support and please feel free to spread the gospel!

      All my best,


  11. andylimbaugh Says:

    Robin, thank you for your donation!! -Andy

  12. Irene Whiteside Says:

    Excellent! Education is the key to getting the general public informed and past the media’s blinders. I would love to be part of this effort. Count me in! I’ll help as much as I can!

    Thanks Andy!


    • andylimbaugh Says:


      Thank so much for your feedback as it’s greatly appreciated! Please feel free to forward on to anyone you wish.

      Warmest wishes,


  13. Jonathan Cousar Says:

    Hi Andy,

    Great work! I’m totally with you. We should maybe try to figure out how to work together. I’m interested in putting conservative messages into the mainstream media. And you’re doing similar and equally important work.


    • andylimbaugh Says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thank you for your nice comments! I will touch base with you to discuss and yes, we’re on the same page for sure. Thanks again and all my best.


  14. Laura Bennett Says:

    Thanks for being the voice in the effort to reunite the Republican party! I’d like to donate to the cause, but the Paypal link is not working.

  15. Laura Bennett Says:

    Please delete my last comment…I tried the Donate link again and it worked this time.

    • andylimbaugh Says:


      Thank you so very much for your donation!! And I greatly appreciate your kind words. It’s a collective effort by all and again, thank you!

      Warmest regards,


  16. Portia Guerin Says:

    Thank you in getting this off the ground. This is crucial and the very thing we need to spread our message and reach a larger audience. You have my support and more power to this cause!

    • andylimbaugh Says:


      Thank you for your positive comments and your support is greatly appreciated! Thanks for spreading the gospel.

      Warmest regards to you,


  17. Walter Lamkin Says:

    As we’ve discussed, the government doesn’t work for us. We long ago ceded power and we are getting only what we deserve–a paternalistic, condescending Congress that knows what’s good for us much better than we do. We are mere catspaws for their pathetic reign over the devolution of this country. Unless and until we say ‘Throw all of the bastards out’ without the tagline ‘ . . . except my bastard’, nothing will change–ever. The populace needs a revolt, a complete abnegation of them. We need to vote them out ever election until candidates realize to whom they report. The Republicans are no better than the Democrats. My antipathy for them is nearly total. The sole mantra for each one is ‘Keep the Power’. There are no citizen-legislators any longer. They are like sharks. All sharks do is swim and eat. If they ever stop, they sink to the bottom and drown. These keep making laws because that’s what they do.

    You know I wish you well and always hope that I am mistaken in my views, but there is a reason I haven’t given a nickel to a politician since 1992–it just encourages them. That is the way, the truth and the light in how to rid ourselves of the self-aggrandizing politico’s who didn’t get elected to student council. They are taking their collective revenge on all of us now. Cut off the money and we cut off their life-blood–for all of them.

    We’ll all stay tuned for the denouemont of this (final?) chapter for the greatest nation the world has ever known.



    • andylimbaugh Says:

      You and I have had many a discussion about the constant abuse of power and authority of our Congress. Your views remain consistent of throwing out all elected officials regardless of party affiliation until they “get it.” The passion you and I and so many others are bringing forth at this very moment in time is EXACTLY what’s needed make a HUGE difference and this groundswell of anger ought to scare the bejesus out of them!! But it won’t until they understand again, that THEY WORK FOR US! Don’t you and everyone else out there forget though that we as individuals have the true power, one vote at a time.

      Your true friendship and well-wishes are always taken to heart.


  18. cord dombrowski Says:

    andy, i am not smart enough to fully appreciate walter lamkin’s elaborate remarks, but i do, however, agree 100% of what i think he said. i totally support your efforts and do want to understand more of your mission, perhaps during our next visit. full speed ahead, keep your head down and don’t deviate from the plan………….cd

  19. Jeffrey Talley Says:

    Privatize the profits for all those years under W and now we have huge losses so we will pay more taxes and I’m thinking we need a different party….something alot more conservative than you speak of my freind. Now this great Country of ours has to to Socialize the losses, I’m hoping we find the WMD in Iraq aren’t you?

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