A Conservative’s Call to Arms! UPDATED: 06/13/09

UPDATE:  To our past and future readers:  We have decided, in the best long-term interest and flexibility of our project, to establish a 501(c)4 Non-Profit organization that will take the place of the original 527 entity.

Wish to be a part of the resurgence of Conservatism in this country?!!  Then become an influential component of an electronic media concept that will revolutionize how Conservatives and concerned citizens all across the country gather political information.  My team of political and Internet technology professionals, along with your financial support, will provide the tools necessary to ensure the stability of our proud nation.  These tools will consist of a 501(c)4 non-profit organization and educational website that will facilitate our goal:  To significantly reduce the unchecked and blatant abuse of our Constitution and the rule of law, in 19 months (the elections of 2010).  Our website will provide each and every American who has Internet access, truthful information so that when the voter steps into the booth, an EDUCATED vote will be cast!

We as conservatives are incessantly demagogued and labeled as right-wing radicals, extremists, etc. because of our core conservative values and beliefs.  Thus we are, as a group, given little political relevance in the eyes of the mainstream media, the far left-wing liberals, democrats and more astonishingly, moderate republicans who have truly lost touch with their Republican constituency.  However, it is the Conservative base that has the aforementioned groups running scared!   Their power is based on ego and when confronted with the truth, they resort to the lies, the name-calling and the personal smear tactics.   OUR power is derived and based on principles which allow each and every one of us to grow and prosper without government intrusion and intervention.  It is Government who works for us – not the other way around!  You and I have the ability to reunite the Republican party and return this great country back to its rightful owners – WE THE PEOPLE.  NOW is the time to begin this process!

Join me and together we can swiftly establish the Conservative-values 527 organization and educational website.  We will put an end to the travesty that is happening to our great country by educating the American people via the Internet, one person at a time.  Your non-tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated!

•    The Educational Website

This unique website is designed to provide quick, truthful and comprehensive information. The immediate value is that the site will determine the zip-code origin of the individual logging on.  All elected officials, candidates, judicial races & potential nominees, advocacy groups, political causes, and ballot initiatives will appear.  A “score” based on core conservative values will be associated with each official, group, initiative, etc.  If the “score” and its associated item do not match, then a red flag is raised and the viewer can click on the related link for the causal information.

In addition, the website will be a powerful advertising tool for candidate campaigns, voter advocacy groups and ballot initiatives.  Due to the swift need for “identity” to a targeted constituency, candidates and groups desperately need a medium that is cost-effective and efficient.  The website can be used to target campaign dollars to the zip-code level.  And since every state in the Union has its own election schedule in addition to the federal elections, there is never “down time” for advertising revenue generation!

•    The Team

This project is comprised of internet technology, political advocacy, sales and marketing professionals all of whom possess one thing in common – true conservative values.  They are the backbone of this project and have already begun building the technology and marketing infrastructure for the 527 and the website.